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60 Second Overview
Without using the managed email security service your email server probably simply receives, stores, and passes along thousands of pieces of spam, viruses, and legitimate email to your users each day.  This forces your users to waste precious time manually figuring our which emails are legitimate and which are not.  It also exposes all of your computers to greater risk of infection from spy ware, viruses etc.
  Once you begin using the system all of your incoming emails are scanned by our system before ever reaching your email server. Known viruses and spam emails are blocked automatically by the system. Questionable emails are quarantined and once each day your users will receive an individual email allowing them to review any questionable emails that were quarantined by the system.
Here is sample of the spam quarantine email your users would receive if the system trapped any questionable emails for them that day.  Keep in mind all "know / fingerprinted" viruses and spam emails are automatically blocked by the system, and they will not appear in the message.
This email is easily understood by even the most basic computer user.  If you have any additional questions please check our features and benefits page, or feel free to contact us and speak to a representative directly.
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