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Features & Benefits managed email security service benefits
  • No complex technology to implement:  We've done it for you!  The technology needed to protect your email has already been built, extensively tested, and is currently serving many other happy customers.  All you need to do to take advantage of our service is request your free trial.

  • No huge initial expense:  In order for your company to benefit from the technology used by you would need to spend thousands of dollars on hardware, software, and consulting services.  We know because we spent those thousands of dollars getting the system setup.  However, now that the system is implemented we can protect your company for a very reasonable yearly subscription price.  This price can be determined easily based upon the amount of email traffic your company experiences during the free trial period.

  • No more wasted time: By not having to deal with the spam and viruses they are currently receiving your email users can spend their valuable time in a more productive manner.  If you happen to be using another spam and virus filtering system, you will know that many of these systems put the burden or dealing with quarantined messages on a single administrator.  That's not the case with  With our service each user is able to completely manage their own quarantine without the help of an IT professional.

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